doggy poo-bag

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Walk your dog in exclusive style with minibag’s newest add-on, the handy doggie waste bag dispenser. Your canine companion is titled „a women's best friend“ for a reason -- show him your dog-owner’s love with this essential urban addition to your fashionable minibag. A snap spring attaches the handy-size poo-bag to your minibag. Grab it for yourself as a treatie-treat or make your friends go ‚woof‘ as a gift --  either way this must-have goes to show how minibag lets you combine fancy office requirements with your everyday casual needs. Modern women manage both -- minibag helps you achieve just that. Made of genuine Italian leather, just like your proper minibag.
Colour: metallic anthracite
Size: 7.5cm x 3.5cm x 4cm H
Materials: Genuine Italian leather and inner linings. Crafted in Switzerland

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