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Did you know that plastic can take up to 164,000 days to decompose? The Minibag Handycover manages it in 180 days. The minibag mobile phone cover is not only biodegradable - it is compostable, environmentally friendly, stylish and like every minibag product: practical. In cooperation with Zero Case the minibag mobile phone cover is available in nude or black as well as the option with a suspension. With a minibag textile strap, your mobile phone cover will be even more stylish and practical. The hanging option allows you to have your phone with you at all times, during any activity, simply by tying it around your neck. So you don't fall down, you don't lose it anywhere and if you don't have any trouser pockets, that's no problem either. The Zero Case consists of: 70% biopolymer PBAT and 30% bamboo fiber. The textile straps are woven in Italy according to our designs and sewn by hand in a small factory in Switzerland. They are 2.6cm wide and can be continuously shortened from 131cm to 72cm. The minibag mobile phone cover is only available for the iPhone 12.
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minibag Handycover

19.00 €


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