minibag PLUS in forest

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The minibag+ in forest not only looks great, but also goes with everything. Everything that a woman always wants to have with her fits into the minibag plus. The minibag plus is made from high-quality Italian leather in factories in Italy and Switzerland. The small format was not abandoned with the minibag+ in forest either. However, the volume has doubled to the minibag with a wider bag base. Small change, big effect: In addition to the original minibag wallet and the mobile phone, the minibag+ now also fits a few petitesses. Bag: 22.5x12x1.4-4cm, 729cm³ (+351cm³ +92.86%) Material: upper material 100% cowhide nappa leather, tanned and dyed in Italy. Lining 100% cotton, made in Italy. The minibag+ comes empty and has enough space for all your essentials. It is perfectly filled out by the custom-made wallet.
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minibag PLUS in forest

minibag PLUS in forest

169.00 €


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