a minibag x SEP Jordan orchidea

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minibag x SEP Jordan is a brand-new addition to the minibag family and strictly limited to 100 minibags. Available in colours blue and orchidea, it combines minibag's best features you know and love with intricate patterns, hand-stitched by women of the SEP Jordan social enterprise. SEP Jordan not only employs all-female masters of their craft -- it's also committed to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. It brings thousands of female refugees into employment, offers them fair conditions and wage and thus helps empower these women in Jordan. So minibag x SEP Jordan is not only truly fashionable -- each also tells its own personal story.
minibag interprets delicate craftsmanship in an irresistibly timelss, classic-modern form. Your own minibag is as versatile as they come: wear it as a clutch, as a short-strap purse or as a cross-body-bag, thanks to its adjustable leather strap. You can easily shorten or extend the strap, ranging from 72 to 131 cm in length  and wraps around exactly 5 times for use as clutch or wallet.
Size: 22.5 x 12 x 1.4cm
Material: Leather and lining are made in Italy. Canvas and stitches are made from female refugees by social enterprise SEP Jordan.