5 occasions to wear your minibag

5 Anlässe eure minibag auszuführen
Easier than listing all the occasions for which the minibag is a suitable companion would probably be to list occasions for which it is unsuitable, because there is hardly any occasion for which you wouldn’t be perfectly equipped with a minibag. That's why we're telling you our top 5 occasions to wear your minibag. 1. Sightseeing Whether you prefer a beach vacation, safari or city trip - some sightseeing should never be missing. If you are on your feet all day, you probably don't want to carry around a big, impractical bag. The minibag can hold your wallet, keys to your hotel room, smartphone and other small essentials. And the best thing about it is that you carry all the important things close to your body, making it difficult for pickpockets, who are known to be particularly fond of tourists, to steal something from you. 2. Excursion with the kids If you have children of your own, or occasionally look after the children of siblings or friends, you are probably familiar with the following situation: children get tired at some point, want to be carried, or cannot reach something and want to be lifted. Children keep you on your toes, especially on trips, when they are bursting with excitement and energy. The last thing you need is a heavy load on your shoulder, which is always in your way. With the minibag you have everything you need with you, without even noticing it. 3. Office Yes, you read that right - we recommend the minibag for the office. Of course, we know that many women like to take large bags to the office to carry things like a water bottle, pocket calendar, notebook, snacks and whatever else one might need throughout the day. But when you want to go out for a quick lunch with your colleague, you don't need all of this stuff. All you need is a small bag with your money, the key card for the office and your smartphone. The minibag is so small that you can always leave the most important things inside, put it in your shopper and, if necessary, grab out everything you need with one grip. 4. Shopping Women often think that a large bag is the most practical choice for shopping. But think about it... If you buy yoghurt, milk, vegetables, etc., you don't want to put them into your bag and risk that something leaks and ruins it. Just put a cloth bag or another small foldable shopping bag into the minibag and you are perfectly equipped. 5. Going out Are you going out for a dinner in a chic restaurant or an evening in a cocktail bar? Do you want to have a real blast on the dance floor? Then dress up, grab your minibag that matches your outfit and let's go! As you can see: the minibag is a bag for every occasion! What are your favourite occasions to wear your minibag? Please leave us a comment!
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