minibag Glasses case

Schick geschützt und mega praktisch: minibag für (Sonnen-) Brillen
You know the problem? Where to put your sun glasses when you go into a shop? You want to have your hands free.. The new minibag glasses case keeps glasses safe, protects against scratches and pressure marks and you easily can put it on your minibag strap. Even your glasses temples are protected with the gummistrap. minibag`s glasses case comes in 7 colors: black, navy, silver, red, gold rose gold and pink Size: 14.7 x 7 x 0.5mm I need the minibag glasses case because I am looking for * a high quality glasses case * a glasses case made of leather * a glasses case being produced in Europe * a case for my glasses I can attach to my strap * a case that keeps my glasses safe
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