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I am one of Minibag‘s biggest fans. I have 5 different colors and use my Minibag every single day. I stopped buying fancy wallets and my handbag purchases have gone down significantly because Minibag has shown me that carrying less things means more freedom. I love this product and recommend it 100%!!

Lisa-Marie A.

Nie mehr ohne Minibag! Die beste Tasche, die ich je hatte!

Isabell F.

Meine absolute Lieblingstasche. Ohne meine Minibag verlasse ich nicht mehr das Haus!!! Stylisch, pratisch, einfach perfekt.

Belinda N.

Simply beautiful, handy and just a MUST HAVE. It made my life literally lighter!

Cindya L.

Best bag ever!!!! The perfect bag for every occasion. Love it.

Andrea H.

Ich habe meine minibag nun schon viele Jahre und ich habe sie wirklich jeden Tag dabei. Entweder als Crossbody Bag, abends oder in meiner großen Tasche. Sie sieht so gut wie neu aus. Sie ist einfach eine super Qualität (!!!) und ECHT praktisch. Ich habe die minibag auch schon viele Male an Freundinnen weiterempfohlen und es sind alle happy damit. Auch meine Mama ist natürlich bereits glückliche minibag Besitzerin. I LOVE MY minibag UND KANN GAR NET MEHR OHNE!!!

Katharina W.

Habe heute meine erst minibag erhalten und bin begeistert

Melanie H.

Minibag is good for your health!
Whilst in the physio’s office last year having been referred for upper back pain on my left side, my physiotherapist commented on my large bag. He mentioned that it looked heavy and wondered what (on earth!) I was carrying around in it. It was indeed ridiculously heavy and he suggested that it might be contributing to the upper back pain. I analysed the bag’s contents later, dug out my
minibag from within its depths and resolved to address the issue. My 2018 resolution has since been to function using just my minibag (one from my personal selection to suit my mood/outfit). Perfectly doable, most of the stuff I was lugging around was utterly extraneous. I can now report that my physio sessions are no longer required, my upper back pain has vanished and I am lighter of bag and heart as a result.
Wear your minibag!


Worth every Euro. I have used mine daily for at least three years and it still looks beautiful. The design is fantastic. I highly recommend it.


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minibag ist the only bag you`ll ever need.
You can wear it as a clutch, a crossbodybag or short strap.