How to tend to leather the right way

So pflege ich meine Ledertasche richtig
The minibag is your constant companion throughout the day: on a trip to the zoo with the kids, in the office and at the theater premiere in the evening. The leather needs to be cared for so that the stylish sidekick can be enjoyed for a long time - like other high-quality leather products, the minibag needs occasional attention. Leather is an organic substance and there is a whole plethora of cleaning and care products out there. We have a brief overview of the types of leather care products - all available in drugstores and online. The impregnation spray is a must in every household, it can also be used for shoes or rain jackets, for example. It is advisable to freshly impregnate a newly purchased leather product at the start of each season - because the active ingredients make the leather more resistant to moisture and dirt. You have to pay attention to two things: Impregnation does not mean cleaning! And be sure to use the spray outdoors, because the (chemical) ingredients should not be inhaled excessively. Care milk and care creams are suitable for almost all types of leather and (depending on how thick or thin the products are) penetrate more or less deeply into the leather pores. They consist of a mixture of water and fats and give the leather a slight shimmer and shine. Light dirt can be "massaged" away with it, preferably with a dry, soft cloth. It is essential to use it sparingly so that the leather does not become too greasy and dull. Leather fat and leather oil are not suitable for fine leather such as that of the minibag. But they are helpful, for example, for very old, dry and smooth leather that needs "power care". The leather grease has a strong water-repellent effect. If you use too much of it, it can clog the leather pores and the material will become dull. With leather oil there is a risk that it will make the leather too oily and greasy. So only use these two products for “bad cases”, for very stressed leather. The leather of a handbag is like our skin – it protects us, but it can be damaged and needs care – like we moisturize our hands in winter. However, it must be used with moderation and purpose so that the material retains its natural appearance for many years.
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